Corporate History

Brillouin technology was developed by Robert Godes and originally called Quantum Fusion. In 1992 he began exploring the science underlying Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. In 1996 he started designing the first experimental hardware and circuitry. From 1996 to 2002, he funded and conducted work that led to the first productive test reactor. Encouraged by this success, Mr. Godes formed a company to facilitate the further development of his insights. The company, Profusion Energy Inc., was formed in September of 2005 with three other shareholders. Mr. Godes contributed his intellectual property to the company and began working fulltime with out salary.

Late in 2005, the company sought and obtained patent counsel from David Slone of Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP, one of the leading patent firms in the United States. Mr. Slone, who also has a Ph.D. in high-energy physics, was so impressed by Mr. Godes technology that he agreed to write the patents in exchange for an interest in the future revenues of the company.

Following the formation of Profusion Energy, Mr. Godes continued to personally fund all company expenses and operations through the development of the analytical reactor control system. This required approximately 5800 man-hours of labor. The reactor itself required custom equipment and software prior to performing the initial assembly and testing. This work included custom circuit design, comprehensive systems analysis, firmware development, and special testing of various components, all developed and supplied by Mr. Godes. Demonstration of the CECR system for TTC prompted TTC to write a second patent on a specific aspect of the hardware.

In 2008, Profusion Energy Inc. issued a secured promissory note to Mr. Godes to cover further company expenses until outside funding could be obtained. The company was unable to obtain funding before the note was due. On January 13, 2009, Mr. Godes foreclosed on the note. Under the terms of the associated security agreement, the assets of the company, including the patent applications and other intellectual property, were transferred back to Mr. Godes.

On January 13, 2009,  Mr. Godes established Brillouin Energy - ® Brillouin as a Delaware corporation. Brillouin then retained the services of MCM Group, Inc., Grosvenor Financial Partners, LLC, and TTC in exchange for founders stock. In February 2009, Mr. Godes transferred his patent applications and other intellectual property to Brillouin. Mr. Godes has organized and put in place a highly professional team to manage Brillouin and demonstrate conclusively the commercial viability of the technology.